Beau has decided to use the method of elimination to solve the system of equations as shown below.2x+3y=15x-3y=3Explain what Beau's first step could be, and why the technique of elimination provides a solution to the system of equations.Answer the question using complete sentences and/or mathematical statements. You will earn 1 point for a correct first step and up to 2 points for an appropriate explanation.HINT: Look at the coefficients of each term. This will help you identify which variable to eliminate.What should the first step be?Explain - Why did you identify that step? How does it help you get closer to a solution?

Accepted Solution

Answer:See below  Step-by-step explanation:(1) 2x + 3y = 15 (2)  x  - 3y =   3 First step: Add Equations (1) and (2). Reason: The y terms have the same coefficient (3). If I add +3 and -3, the two terms will cancel each other (be eliminated). How it helps: If I eliminate the y terms, I have only one variable, the x variable, to deal with. (1)  2x + 3y = 15 (2)   x -  3y =  3 (3) 3x         = 18 I can then easily solve Equation (3) for the value of x.