ellen sells mugs that are in boxes in a shape of a cube the edges have a length of 1/2 foot ellen can completely fill a container in the shape of a rectangular prism with 378 boxes what is the volume of her container

Accepted Solution

Answer:  Volume of container would be 81648 cubic inches.Step-by-step explanation:Length of cube = [tex]\dfrac{1}{2}\ foot=6\ inches[/tex]Number of boxes = 378As we have given that shape of cube completely fill a container of rectangular prism shape and it fills 378 boxes.So,Number of boxes is given by[tex]\dfrac{\text{Volume of container}}{\text{ Volume of cube}}[/tex][tex]378=\dfrac{Volume}{6\times 6\times 6}\\\\378\times 216=Volume\\\\81648\ in^3=Volume[/tex]Hence, Volume of container would be 81648 cubic inches.