PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!! I WILL MAKE BRAINLIEST1) Is the function described by the points in this table linear or nonlinear?x y−3 9−1 10 01 13 92) Which table contains a set of non-linear ordered pair? A) x y0 41 72 103 13B)x y0 11 22 53 10C)x y0 11 22 33 4D)x y0 71 52 33 13)Is this function linear or nonlinear?y=3x−5linearnonlinear4) Select linear or nonlinear to correctly classify each function.Function Linear Nonlineary=2x−9 - y=−10.2 - y=3x2+7 - 3x + 5y = 15- 5)A function is represented by the values in the table.x y2 44 85 107 148 16Choose from the drop-down menu to complete the statement. The function represented in the table linear.

Accepted Solution

Answer:I did not have the same exact questions,but  I hope the answers below will help some Step-by-step explanation: