this is a blueprint drawing of the stage area at Millennium Park the length of one square on the grid is equal to 5 feet according to the blueprint the length of the diagonal of square C is 60ft is that correct explain​ Thanks

Accepted Solution

Answer:No, diagonal of square C is 70.71ftStep-by-step explanation:Given in the question that length of one square = 5 ftLength of Square C = 10 small squares1 square = 5 ft10 square = 5ft * 10                 = 50 ftAs we know that in a square all side are of equal length and make an angle of 90° at each corner.So, by using pythagorus theorem Diagonal of square² = side² + side²Diagonal of square² = 2side²Diagonal of square = √(2side²)Diagonal of square = √2 (side)where side = 50 ftDiagonal of square = √2 (50)Diagonal of square = 70.71 ft