Use operations of decimal, fraction, and percent numbers and your models from Part (b) to solve the following application problems. In your final answer, include all of the necessary calculations.2.A family dines in a popular franchise restaurant. They plan to use a coupon that will give them a discount of 15% off of their total dinner bill, not including applicable sales tax or their server’s tip. If the family’s dinner bill totaled $34.00 before tax and tip, how much money will they save by using the coupon?4.A family of eight dines in a popular franchise restaurant. The restaurant has a policy of including a standard tip to the final bill for parties larger than six people. The bill for the meal included a total of $58.25 in food and beverage sales, plus a standard tip of $10.49. What percent of the food and beverage sales does the restaurant consider to be a standard tip for parties larger than six?5.A family dines in a popular franchise restaurant that has a policy of automatically including a 20% tip on all food and beverage sales before coupon discounts are applied. What is the family’s total bill amount if their food and beverages totaled $94.20 and they used a 15% off coupon?

Accepted Solution

2. $5.10 
4. 18%
I don't feel like doing 5 right now I'm watching hulu haha