PLZ HELP 20 POINTSTwenty-five percent of the data falls below the number

Accepted Solution

With finding the data that falls below a percentage, you need to look closely at the words. 

Notice that it said  25% of... that word "of" means to multiply. But, what are you multiplying? Well, if you look more closely at the plot, you'll see that your dot and line is lying on 58. But make sure you put 25 over 100.
So, your equation would be set up like this: 58 ÷ x = 100/25
We're using "x" as our way of saying, "We need to find out this number." 

After that, we'll need to multiply both sides of the equation by "x"
(58 ÷ x) × x = (100/25) × x

Now that you have your equation, you'll need to divide both sides by 4 to get "x". 

x = 4 ÷ 58

58 ÷ 4 = 14.5

Your answer is 14.5 of the data that falls below the number.